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Sorcerers of Annwyn,

I know what you are thinking. I know you have scanned this parchment for wards, sigils, and other trickery. I assure you, this is no trick. The events that plagued us one year ago are starting to unfold in a way that is insurrmontable - even for an organization like the Magisterium. 


Something has been born now that cannot be contained or controlled and it could be the undoing of us all.


The Magisterium humbly requests the Wizards of the New Order and the Acolytes of Ahn to convene on the hallowed ground at Albion: School of Sorcery. We will be brining some new apprentice Mages as well as some of our most powerful Magisters to discuss the oncoming threat. I plan on being present - in the flesh - to begin the negotiations. I hope you will be able to set aside our differences and attend the Conclave at the beginning of the Ostara.


Magistrate Kevantis Caspian

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