Rooms are set up in Taylor Hall.

All rooms are heated. Each room hosts 1 - 3 beds per room with closets and/or dressers. Sheets are included, but you should bring your own bath towel.

If you would like to room alone, you will have to purchase a single occupancy upgrade by emailing

Can I room with a Particular Person?


Maybe. Both parties should indicate they want to stay with the other person, and must include their friends email by emailing us at Both parties must indicate the other person so we can be sure of consent.

Be mindful that your roommate will also have to be placed in the same House as you, as Houses are separated by wing/floor.

What are the Bathrooms Like?


Each wing of DeKoven has its own bathroom/showers.


There are three meals a day from your check in on Thursday evening to brunch on Sunday morning. Feel free to bring extra snacks for between meals (no peanuts please).

Dining, besides the great feast on Saturday night, will take place at Taylor Hall- the same building where you will be sleeping.

Meals are buffet style with dining options to accommodate all dietary restrictions.

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