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Each house consists of a power family patron, a benefactor that resides over the questions concerning the future of the House. These Powerful families have unique hidden backgrounds ... Secrets they may not want you to uncover...


House of Fire

The PHOENIX & The Wand

Family Benefactor

The Azars

Envoke the name of Ignis
Inspire. Inspirare.
Enlighten. Illuminare.
Excite. Alacer.
Burn. Adolebit.

Ambitious and charismatic, House Ignis sports the colors of gold, purple, and deep orange. Their passion and enthusiasm seep from every pore, and they do love pleasure - and our known for their hedonisic parties.


House of Earth

The Unicorn & The Pentacle

Family Benefactor

The Montclairs

Summon the name of Solum.
Revive. Vivificet.
Build. Maruis.
Ground. Terram.
Give. Talem.

Idealistic, chivalrous, and curious, House Solum boasts of the philosophers of Albion. However, these ideals can often lead them to their downfalls, as their ideals make them closed minded as they take their perceived high ground.



House of Air

The Dragon & The Sword


The Zephyrus

Recollect the name of Caelum.
Contemplate. Puto.
Breathe. Spirant.
Focus. Intendi.
Decide. Decernere.

Smart, studious, - and often aloof - Caelum attracts the quick-witted. Always wanting the last word, a Caelum will study for a week motivated by competition and challenge. However, they make loyal friends when you prove yourself worthy.



House of Water

The Kraken & The Grail


The Caspians

Unify the name of Undas.
Dream. Somnium.
Cleanse. Munda.
Connect. Coniungere.
Mystify. Mirari.

Psychic and imaginative, the Undas can sometimes seem solitary, only taking pleasure in the company of other empaths. To be one of the Undas is to be one with the universe, and once you are initiated into the House, you may never be the same...

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