Character Creation

How are characters created?

When a ticket is purchased, one of our Game Masters will reach out to begin asking questions about what kind of character you would like to play. At Moonrise Games, we facilitate the Players creating their characters as much as possible, and these characters we collaborate on are 100% yours. No one will ever play your character again.

We will send you a list of names to help you choose something that sounds in world, but you may also propose your own.

Most, if not all, collaboration is done via Facebook Group and Messenger. Please be warned you will be asked to connect.

After the period of collaboration, you will be able to submit a bio to our staff. The staff asks for three paragraphs and four words that describe your character.

I want to Teach!

Only NPCs will be Professors and Staff at Albion: School of Sorcery. Our NPCs go through a rigorous rehearsal process and are going to be teaching you actual magical practices. (Example: by the end of the LARP, you will be quite proficient in tarot card reading, for instance.) We also are hiring puppeteers, potion masters, etc. Be a student and learn.