February 3rd - February 6th, 2022
DeKoven Retreat Center • Racine, Wisconsin


Once upon a time, two worlds: the magical Plane of Annwyn and the Mortal Plane of the human world, lived simultaneously together. The Veil between worlds kept them separate, but not equal.

Then Albion came. Albion was the first to bear The Mark on his hand, revealing himself to be the first human with the talent for magic. In his name, the School of Albion taught all human magic users with The Mark, and under the watchful eye of The Magisterium, Human Sorcerers received their extensive magical training.

However, Headmaster Eliphas Erasmys was not as he seemed. Inside of his soul lurked The Black Fox, the Great Namer of the Watchers. Receiving help from the students of Albion: School of Sorcery, Eliphas tore down The Veil between worlds forcing the magical Plane of Annwyn to merge with the Mortal Plane.

Now we live in a world were everyone is magical. The Mark, which used to only grace the hands of a few humans, has now appeared on every human hand.

The Magisterium, the old governmental body of Annwyn, has found you to have higher magical properties within your blood and a more prominent Mark on your hand. It is for this reason that you have been forced to leave your family and attend the Albion: School of Sorcery. Under the might of The Magisters, you will be processed, documented, and educated in magic to fight in the upcoming war against The Black Fox and his allies.

Or will you?


• 4 Days, Full board with meals included, at the DeKoven Center - a grand estate built in the 1860s.


• Be sorted into your House of Magic.

• Each ticket comes with a custom wand, robe, and emblem to showcase house pride.


• Take part in classes, taught by trained actors to serve as NPCs.

• Meet magical creatures and races.

• Learn how to read Tarot, palms, and runes. Learn ancient languages lost to this world. Create potions.

• Participate in an immersive story that unfolds throughout the weekend.


• Saturday night, attend Lupercalia, a night of dancing and revelry.

• You must be 18+ to attend the event.