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Albion School of Sorcery LARP Ostara.jpeg


MARCH 16th - MARCH 19th, 2023
DeKoven Retreat Center • Racine, Wisconsin


A year ago, students of Albion: School of Sorcery unknowingly participated in a ritual, summoning the Primordial Beasts from the other side of the Veil and becoming hosts to the most ancient of magics. Divided in their vision for the world to build, the students scattered into two categories: The Wizards of the New Order, who yearn for a just and fair government, reciting the teachings of the Justicars, fighting the oppression of the Magisterium, and the Acolytes of Ahn, apostate radicals who wish to return the world into the Garden, the first and pure state of the magical world.

They are united, however, for their hatred of the Magisterium, who practiced this ritual against their will and have the aim of dominating all magical beings in Annwyn.

So when both factions receive a mysterious invitation to the Conclave from Magister Kevantis Caspian himself with tales of a strange and looming threat, they can't help but answer the summons to know what lies outside their knowledge... can they come together and fight a common enemy, or will their ideals be the key to their own undoing?


• A 4-Day Wizard School Adventure, Full board with meals included, at the DeKoven Center - a gothic campus built in the 1860s.


• Be sorted into your House of Magic - Ignis of the Phoenix, Solum of the Unicorn, Caelum of the Dragon, or Undas of the Scylla

• Each ticket comes with a custom wand and robe


• Take part in classes, taught by trained actors to serve as NPCs.

• Meet magical creatures and races.

• Participate in an immersive story that unfolds throughout the weekend.


• Saturday night, attend the Ostara, a night of dancing and revelry

• You must be 18+ to attend the event.

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