Otherworld Theatre Company and the Moonrise LARP Games Staff, first and foremost, is dedicated to the safety and protection of our Players. The Covid-19 Pandemic has thrown many live events into chaos, leaving the future of events like Theatre and LARP in a place of uncertainty. We thank all of our Players for the understanding and patience they have given our team during this time.

We have been working to create an action plan with our venue, The DeKoven Center, which serves as the location for both of our upcoming games, Albion:School of Sorcery and Chronicles of the Realm. As you can imagine, they have had their hands full as an event venue in this time of crisis, but together we have resolved to make the best experience possible for both our Players and staff. We received an update last week and we are expecting to be in close communication throughout the summer as the COVID-19 situation develops.


In the sake of absolute transparency, it is difficult for us to guarantee refunds for blockbuster events such as these. Insurance will not cover cancellations due to outbreaks of viral infections, our venue still needs to be reserved, and our NPCs and writers - the lifeblood of our work at Moonrise - deserve to be paid in full for the immense amount of work it takes to build our worlds. That being said, we understand that you, our Players, are spending good money for an experience, and we vow to deliver on that expectation.

Should the event be postponed due to a shelter-in-place order, or if altering the event to abide by safety and social distancing guidelines causes our event to be untenable, we will reschedule our LARP for a future date. Payments made will be valid towards that future experience. You may also use your ticket to attend one of our other events instead if you wish. Due to this, we ask our Players not to make travel plans if possible until we are closer to the event. Should you be unable to attend a rescheduled date, and/or do not wish to attend another future event, we will work with players on a case by case basis regarding refunds. 



To help soften the blow of delay, we are also in the process of designing virtual Albion events to act as a "prologue" to the game to supplement and enhance the live game. These will be offered at no additional cost if you have purchased a ticket, or are on the payment plan. It will be a chance to meet your NPC Class Head and fellow Players while developing relationships within the game.



To be clear, we are absolutely not willing to proceed with any event that puts anyone’s health at risk. At this time, we do believe there is a high degree of probability that we will need to reschedule Albion: School of Sorcery Part 2. We have made the firm decision to are hopeful to have a new date ASAP.



If it is determined by the CDC, as well as local and state health officials, as well as our team and the team at The DeKoven Center that our event is safe to proceed as planned, we will be asking our Players to take the following precautions:

• If we are able to keep our date for late October, we ask that Players drive/carpool to the event if possible. We ask this because airports are hotspots for COVID-19, and cars will be better equipped for disinfecting. If you must travel by air, please let Tiffany Keane Schaefer know by email at


• We also ask that you disinfect your weapons and clothing, wrap them all in cellophane, and pack them in a suitcase at least three days before the event as an added precaution.

• Albion is currently built for a 50 player experience. While some events are communal, we will be cognizant of social distancing needs and plan accordingly. 


*Note* If the event is able to proceed, additional required safety measures will be communicated prior to the game.




- Due to recent events, we have been admittedly behind on the finalization of our Players Guide for Chronicles of the Realm: Asylum. However, we are currently on schedule for a launch on July 1st, 2020. This will act as the starting off point for Players and Character creation for both the LARP and online prologue to Asylum, as well as list our design doc and conflict resolution path to ensure LARP safety and protocols.



- This week, we will start the creation of the Player Group for Chronicles of the Realm: Asylum. Keep a lookout for your invite, and be sure to add Tiffany Keane Schaefer on Facebook so she can add you to the group.



- You can always reach out to Tiffany Keane Schaefer, our lead Game Master, via Facebook messenger to ask questions concerning the LARP and character creation.


- While we are in this period of transition, no payment plans will be invoiced due to the financial instability caused by COVID-19. This will be reassessed on November 1, 2020 with updated payment plan dates.

As we learn more about the virus, we will be sure to update this page for our current and future Players. Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this time.